Be in the Happiest Place on Earth

Hong Kong birthday trips  will never be complete without taking a glimpse of the ‘happiest place on earth” – Disneyland.

I visited this place twice.  The first visit, it rained due to this typhoon that just left Philippines. Second visit, well it rained as well, no typhoon but that was June (rainy season).

Since I came from Singapore, a flight of more than 3 hours will not be worth it, without seeing Cinderella nor Tinkerbell.  Guarded by the dark clouds and fog made most of the photos dark, but it made the walking fun as it kept the Sun away.


 I always find Mickey Mouse and friends cute. I guess, I still have that girly side that still fancy some fairy tales.

Mickey and Friends


As I stepped out of the train -made really for Disneyland destination, I couldnt help but feel the excitement.  I cant wait to have my picture taken with Mickey Mouse and friends. DSC_0213

Some of my friends told me that if you’re someone whose into an extreme roller coaster ride, the happiest place then is not for you.  But who goes to Hong Kong and not really visit Disneyland?  So the rest of the day was spent exploring it.



In Toy Story Playland,  RC Racer is worth trying.  Fun, not so extreme but you will still scream.


Well I may be someone in search for an extreme ride, and I may be saying that Disneyland is meant for kids.  But I can still say that I enjoyed my visit here, my first time and my second time as well.  I guess, it feels good to be a child again.  Seeing myself believing in fantasy, brought about by growing up with the fairy tale stories like my favorite Cinderella. Maybe not in search for  a Prince Charming but the search for a happily ever after, of a wish my heart makes.

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