The Dazzling Twins of Truly Asia

One day, 4 foreign workers in Singapore decided to spend their weekend with their neighboring country, Malaysia. We packed our clothes just enough for our overnight stay, booked the earliest Saturday flight, booked a guesthouse and we’re ready to go. Collage ekspres Just one full Saturday to explore, we didn’t want to waste time, so we decided to carry our stuffs as we wander. Our First Stop, one of the famous Hindu Shrine.DSC02212

From KL Sentral , we went straight to the station headed for Batu Caves

Malaysia train

After about 30 minutes we arrived at our first stop.


532321_224974957635582_429094148_n   DSC02217


My legs cried for help as we climb the 272 steps to reach the cave.  But they managed to get enough rest because we got trapped inside due to the heavy rain



It was still drizzling when we decided to head for our next stop.  We planned to take the Genting Skyway cable car but it was under maintenance. Boo!!  (Next time, do a quick research.  Lesson learned, so moving on.)

The frustrated us took a cab to Genting instead.  When we got there, it was foggy and cold! Not to mention, we were so hungry.  A quick bite, then back to walking.

DSC02294                              DSC02321

DSC02292          DSC02314

After touring the indoor amusement and trying the indoor roller coaster, we decided to head back to Kuala Lumpur and we took the bus this time.

After we checked in to the guest house, we took a quick shower then headed to our next stop.


DSC02342                         DSC02338

Oh my! Oh my! Literally, all that glitters is not gold because it’s the Petronas Twin Towers that glitters! It was so bright, yes it can be crowded, but Petronas is truly amazing at night.  It is a must see when one visits Kuala Lumpur.

After numerous photos taken, we had a yummy Penyet for dinner at the Suria Mall.  And our Saturday journey ends in a bar near our guest house, with a bucket of beer of course.

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