Temple Run with No Running


After our beautiful sunrise experience, we started our “temple run” activity.  Visiting the monuments at Angkor Archaelogical Park can really be exhausting, dehydrating but above all, it was an amusing experience.  The beauty of Angkor Wat does not end with the Sunrise experience, it just started.

edit 3

Stones, stones, stones everywhere!  Thinking about how the temple was built like hundreds of years ago, in the absence of modern construction and architecture, without the aid of the hi-tech machinery we have today hmmm, that was impressive. When I was in college, my Humanities professor gave a homework which was to carve a figure from a soap bar.  We were discussing about sculpture during that time.  And I admit, I had a hard time carving a flower on the soap bar, and to think it was way easier than carving from a stone. Wow! Really Wow!

                                 DSC03409          DSC03401


A short visit at Siem Reap is not enough, the Angkor Archaelogical Park alone may eat up an entire day.  But we were happy enough seeing most of the temples we wanted to see.


This may be close for tourist to climb but simply looking at it you can ask, “Really? Ain’t that hard to climb?”  Well it wasn’t a normal staircase, the difficulty begins by looking at it.  But the details really, really impressive.


When you explore Angkor Wat, we noticed a lot of these Apsaras and Devatas carved in the stones of the temple.  It may seem quite confusing but upon research, Apsaras are those that appear like they were dancing, the Devatas on the other hand, are facing forward and standing still like guardians.

edit 2


The detailed carving made me say “Damn that’s incredible!” (sorry, I had to say Damn couldn’t help the admiration).

As we moved on to the other temples, we passed by the Angkor Thom South Gate.With 54 stone figures on each side.


Bayon Temple, a personal favorite. Those carved stone faces are incredible. Makes me want to make one, good luck!


Bayon Collage

We can’t hide our admiration, this was a must!

As we continued our walking of our so called “Temple Run” activity, we reached the Baphuon Temple


We kept walking until, we got tired and decided to head back, but here are some photos we have taken.



I believed we left Angkor Park about 3 pm, an almost full day and yes, we didn’t get to see the entire place.  There’s more to explore and see.  The extreme heat of their summer made it uneasy and really uncomfortable; and we didn’t bring an umbrella. How unprepared was that?

For now, I will plan a next visit to this huge park, and I will make sure to plan it not in the middle of the heated summer.  I have yet to see a lot of the must see in this place, and this time not putting Siem Reap as a side-trip.  Lesson learned.

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