Siem Reap: the Sunset and the Night Market

There are several ways to get to Siem Reap from Phnom Penh: by plane, by bus or by mini van/bus.  The last is the famous transfer among tourists.  It can take up to 5 hours of travel time with one stop-over of about 30 minutes.

We arrived the province of Siem Reap around 2 pm.  The guard from our hotel made an arrangement with his friend to pick us up at the terminal.  We checked-in to our hotel, Okay 1 Villa located at Siem Reap Central Area and took a quick rest which was as important as the sunblock brought about by the 37°C temperature.

Okay 1 Villa: cleanliness = 4/5; Friendliness of the People = 4/5; nearby attraction = 3/5; overall rating: 4/5

We had a quick late lunch at Kitchen Angkor Chey.  The restaurant looks like an old wooden house with bamboos as wall divider and chairs made of rattan.

Fresh Mango Shake, that melts in the heat not in your mouth.. 🙂

One of the must see as well in Siem Reap, is the Sunset at Angkor Wat. A short trekking is required to get to the spot where you can view a great sunset.  Just a heads-up.

Luckily, we loaded up during the late lunch

Angkor Wat of course, that is a temple which means it is a religious monument and to dress appropriately is certainly a MUST.  My friend and I, we were wearing above the knee shorts and  it was classified as inappropriate.  So, we were not allowed to go up the temple where you can view Sunset, only our male friend was granted entry. What we did instead, we took pictures of some of the ruins while we wait.


IMG_4883              IMG_4881

We tried so hard for a jump shot but despite numerous attempts, we failed.


Our next stop, the Night Market.



We didn’t even bring a pair of jeans to be honest, so we needed to buy something that would cover our legs or at least appropriate clothing for our temple run.  Surprisingly, Angkor Night Market managed to made up the disappointment we had with the one in Phnom Penh.

First, Lots of things to buy





Souvenir Painting Maybe?


Apsara anyone?


Some Medicine, maybe?


Lastly, the best part was bargain with all you can!


Such a great way to end a day, happy faces after a successful bargain!


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