Throwback Thursday: When Zee Met Travel

In line with the trend in social media about “tbt” or known as “Throwback Thursday”, I decided to post something that occurred in the past. This is not to highlight, me – being a late bloomer in blogging.

I came from a family where asking permission almost always end up in an interrogation, and the final verdict was a big NO.  But that one time, when I told my parents that my friends and I were going to Cebu to travel, and got OKAY for an answer, immediately I packed my things. Secretly asking myself, what just happened? Did they hear me right? But excitement definitely killed the curiosity.

And one morning, from Manila domestic airport, the 4 of us were ready for our flight to Cebu.


If I remembered it correctly, this event made my friend Marx decide on becoming a blogger. Now, he’s everywhere. He has posted a lot about travel, food, hotels or staycations, and adventures. Wow, I envy him.

Moving on, a 4 days and 3 nights stay made the itinerary really tight. While browsing it, we got shocked about the allotted time for breakfast and shower, a total of 30 minutes for both.

When we arrived at Cebu Airport, we headed to Gaisano Mall to grab a quick breakfast and to buy some snacks because we were about to take approximately a 3-4 hour bus ride to our destination.

Bantayan Island 


To get to this place, we took a Ceres bus from the city, and we got off at Hagnaya Port. From there, we took a public ferry to take us to Sta. Fe, where Bantayan Island is located. Same route to go back to Cebu City.


The 4 of us were colleagues but we were handling different accounts which made it easier for our manager to grant us our leaves. Prior to this flight, we came from an overnight team building activity that we were assigned to organize as well. In short, we were tired. We managed to get some sleep though on that 3 hour bus ride, and add the 30 minute plane ride as well.

We reached the island past noon, we stayed at Budyong Beach Resort with a beach front accommodation. We immediately changed to our swimming outfits because the sand and the sea were really inviting.



And I believe, that this event gave birth to my dramatic posing as well.


20150902_092815000_iOSWe went to D’Jungle, a nearby buffet restaurant for dinner. Maybe out of tiredness, I only had a fresh Mango Shake while the 3 of them really had a heavy one.

20150910_081624000_iOSThe next day, we woke up early (following the tight itinerary made by Marx) because we only had until noon before we head back to Cebu City. We arrived the city with just enough time to prepare for our dinner with colleagues based in Cebu. They made a reservation at a restaurant famous for its baby back ribs.



True enough, the baby back ribs was great! But I must admit, I really had a hard time finishing it. The serving was more than I can really take. I kept on saying, I reached my baby back ribs quota for the year. After the dinner, we spent the rest of the night with a few drinks at Family KTV, Song Hits! 

Obviously, we didn’t really explore Cebu city, it served as our terminal for all our destinations. Luckily, on our last day before we went to the market to buy Danggit for pasalubong, we passed by Magellan’s Cross which happens to be a famous landmark in Cebu. Not bad for first timers.


So that’s my Throwback story. Come to think of it, this was actually during the time when:

  1. Smartphones were still uncommon.  Nokia or Ericsson were mostly everybody’s phone
  2. We can’t afford to buy DSLR because during this time, it was really expensive.
  3. Point and Shoot cameras were the IN thing
  4. We were not very social media person, but we do have facebook accounts.
  5. Instagram was not even an idea, maybe.

What a great way to reminisce, and I finally have my own version of Throwback Thursday.

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  1. myxramos says:

    Late bloomer blogger? Maybe you could help me start haha…

    From: Super super late bloomer blogger 😅😁😑

    1. Haha..i am not an expert but i can share what i know.. 😊

      1. myxramos says:

        That’s great! Magtravel and magmahal lang po ang alam ko, not much about blogging… yet haha

        Where should I start then? 😉

      2. Hahaha…magmahal is not my forte, travel medyo..

        well you have started na you have a blog na pla..what exactly do you want to know?

  2. myxramos says:

    Sorry, i take it back, di ko din pala forte ang pagmamahal haha… i messed up with this page,accidentally deleted photos and the layout is not really pleasing to the eyes, maybe I need your help starting from the basics? ☺️ Maybe Google has everything but I prefer to speak with someone lol

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