A Day in Bohol

Beautiful beaches and resorts, Panglao Island, Chocolate Hills, Tarsier and etc. brings to mind a province located in the Visayas region, Bohol. It is a ferry away from Cebu, which can be a good side trip to explore.  It was a really good experience considering it was my first time to join a group tour and to really have a closer look at the famous Chocolate hills.  I’ve seen it before either from a textbook or a postcard.


An early morning call time made us sleep the 2 hour ferry ride to Bohol.  No longer fantastic four because we were joined by our Cebu based colleague and her boyfriend.

First stop: the Blood Compact Monument.


In Visayan word it is called “Sandugo”, a tribal tradition that seals a friendship.   A blood compact between Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna which history considered the first seal of friendship between Spaniards and Filipinos.

Second stop: Baclayon Church.


It is said to be one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. As you step inside, from the structure to the feel of it, it was indeed old.


Third stop: the Chocolate Hills. 


The tour guide told us the myth about how the hills were formed.  It was caused by two giants having a fist fight on a rainy day in that rice field.  And those hills were mud that they threw to each other.  But it is called ‘chocolate hills’ because during dry season the green grass from the hills turn into brown making it look like a chocolate.


The picture have shown the enthusiasm we had, seeing the famous hills that we knew since our elementary days.  Buying those post cards from the bookstore to paste in our Sibika project “Mga Uri ng Anyong Lupa” (Land Forms) and the chocolate hills would be everyone’s example for “burol” or hill.

Our fourth stop: lunch at Loboc River Cruise


This part of the tour, aside from the delicious food was really relaxing.



There were stop overs too, and you’d get to watch and even perform with the locals.


After the relaxing feel, and heavy lunching.  Our last stop Tarsier Sunctuary



Camera flash: OFF.  The Tarsiers tend to get stressed with it and the same time excessive noise.  They’re considered “shy” creatures.


My hair color plus my sun glasses made me resemble the Tarsier in some way.

We ended the day tour past 5 pm, and we headed our way back to Cebu.

My next visit in this province will focus on the beach side.  I need to feel the fine sand of Panglao Island, the locals call it their “Boracay”.  And that is coming soon.

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  1. myxramos says:

    Resemble to a tarsier?? Tarsier is cute but you’re gorg 😉

    1. Thank you.. 😊😊😊

      1. myxramos says:

        Btw, its time you go back to Bohol’s beach side.. more serene than Bora ☺️

      2. I will..soon.. 😊😊

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