Zee Got Lucky!

When you get lucky, you really do get lucky.


I seldom participate in raffle entries.  I belong in the circle of the luckless when it comes to raffle draws, I couldn’t even get a flash drive during a year-end party.  On the contrary, when I was a student and during class recitations my class card almost always gets picked. (Am I credible enough to say ‘Life is Unfair!’?)

One afternoon at work, I received a call from an administration officer of PBCOM Tower in  Ayala, Makati.  She was congratulating me for winning the grand prize of food-patio’s raffle draw.  The Grand Prize of a 3D2N Trip for Two to Boracay!. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, it was my first time to win from a raffle draw, and I even won the Grand Prize!  Zee just Got Lucky!!! I informed my closest friends at work since they’ve been my travel buddies to begin with.  Next thing we knew, we’re headed to the white beach- Boracay.


The flight was Manila to Kalibo Airport, and from there you will need to travel about 2 hours by van or bus to reach Caticlan Jetty.  Need not worry even if no arrangements were made prior to your flight because there are a lot of tour operators to choose from at the airport.


It was almost 2 in the afternoon when we finally arrived the beautiful white sand of Boracay. My friend Marie, her brother Chad and my aunt Tita Ems booked an earlier flight, so by the time Rani and I arrived, they’ve had lunch and had enough rest. It was summer time, so you could just imagine how hot the weather was. We reached the hotel, Chalet Tirol located at Station 1.

a small garden outside Chalet Tirol
a small garden outside Chalet Tirol

Marie and her brother Chad on the other hand stayed at Gran Prix Boracay Hideaway at Station 2. If we wanted to relax and just swim we would head to Station 1, quiet and definitely less crowded. But during meal time and if we wanted some water activities, we would head to Station 2.


First day in the beautiful island was spent walking around the beach area, seafood dinner, watching the sunset, and checking out the stores around station 2.  And of course, who goes to Boracay and not have a photo in one of the famous sand castle?


We got an early wake up call from Marie, so we could do some water activities. The entire day was spent maximizing the beauty of the island.


The Helmet Dive activity was a good experience.  The Helmet was really heavy for me (well I was thin back then).  But feeding the fish underwater, and having some quiet time (with the helmet on, you couldn’t really talk to your friends) made it really interesting.


As we spent the rest of the day back and forth Station 1 and 2, it was also the best time to take photos.  I wasn’t really interested in taking pictures back.  I did love ‘appreciating’ photography, but I was more interested in being the subject of those photos.  I didn’t even own a camera so the beautiful photos in this blog post were from  Marie and her brother Chad Gentil.



It was a peak season in Boracay, of course that was summer.  So most of the time it was hard to look for a place to eat because of the long wait.  While walking, you tend to bump into someone from time to time, it was really crowded.  But it was also a relaxing experience for us.  We enjoyed the beach, we stayed mostly at station 1. We stayed at one of those cottages of Chalet Tirol, ordered some fruit shakes and eventually beer, then back to swimming.



And of course, for the second night’s sunset.


We headed back to our hotel to change for the night.  We made a reservation at Guilly’s Island for our dinner.



And after a great dinner, we made sure to experience the night life in Boracay.  Who goes there and not really experience the party-ing at the beach, where this island has been famous for.


We ended the day with few bottles of beer.  And as for the next day, we headed back to Manila.

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  1. Gelo says:

    Love this Zee. I’d love to hear more of your adventures!

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