My Quickest Tour Ever

Have you tried Macau as a day trip to your HK itinerary?  How about Macau in less than 8 hours?

Well, it just so happen that I decided to take Macau as a side-trip and to kill the excess time I had during my first trip to Hong Kong. I remember asking a colleague, what can I do in Macau?  Well, you can gamble.  Macau somehow is the Las Vegas of Asia.  People go there to gamble, I guess.

But I am not into gambling, so what else?  I was told, “Hotel Hopping” that’s what I can do there.

In my itinerary, I spent about 6 hours walking the streets of Macau.  I was just beginning to really travel then.  Not even good at taking pictures.  Everything, from the place to the experience of planning that trip was new to me.

True enough, hotel to another hotel kind of day.  I was told, that in each hotel there will be a bus that will take you to another hotel.  But all I did was walk, and walk and walk.

I wanted to see the Senado Square.  It was mostly for shopping and dining.  But my intention was to see and feel the Portuguese side.   But it took me a long time to find the place, and it was already dark.

I took a late ferry back to Hong Kong, if I’m not mistaken that was at 10:30 pm.  It was not bad at all.  Though, I could have done so much in Macau if I did allocate a full day to explore it, but I did it for less than 8 hours.  Somehow, I’d like to spend a night in Macau someday – to experience more of their busy night and their famous Bungy Jump!

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