El Nido? Why Wouldn’t I?

I’ve been dreaming about El Nido for quite a long time.  Being the top among my places to visit in Palawan.  And so with the Cebu Pacific Sale, Marx managed to booked us round trip tickets to Palawan.

And very often Marx  will only inform us who were going to be with or let’s say who’s joining us, well sometimes on the day of the trip itself, okay to be fair with him sometimes a day before that.  But it never bothers me anyway, because almost always all of them were really nice and fun to travel with.

Marx coordinated with Northern Hope Tours for our 2-Day Island Hopping activity.  They offer tour packages inclusive of a very festive lunch!  Not to mention, their guides were fun and very accommodating.  Highly recommend them if you plan on visiting El Nido.

Our Tour Guide, Kuya Alfer of Northern Hope Tours

So now, let me show you the islands that we managed to visit. I’ll let the photos speak for itself. Warning:  This is going to be a photo album type of post,  more on pictures!

We had to walk in between those rocks to reach the white sand.  An Island named as Hidden Beach because literally the beach is hidden among those rocks.

Okay, probably the tide was low when we visited the island, the boat docked far enough that we had to swim and experience some “rocky” moments before we reached the “walk path” of the hidden beach.  But it was fun though, the waves were really stubborn that time.

Hidden Beach
Hidden Beach
Hidden Beach

Talisay Beach, I call this the Lunch Island because this was where we had our festive lunch.  Rice, vegetable, grilled fish and pork, crab and fruits. Yum!

The food was prepared and cooked at the island, the boatmen and our guide told us to enjoy the island while they prepare our lunch.

Talisay Beach
Thanks Marx, my bubble drama (at Talisay Beach)

Moving on..

An Instagram post that I really like – standing on a cliff with beach view behind, and I told myself, “I’m going to have that!” Yes, that was in Matinloc Shrine.

Matinloc Shrine
entrance of Matinloc Shrine

Next, to my first El Nido Lagoon the Cadlao Beach and Lagoon

Never thought Lagoons can be that relaxing.  There’s something about the calmness I guess of the water? I don’t know but I liked it.

Cadlao Lagoon
Photo from Marx, and yes we have a lot of this style.

Last island for Day 1 of our island hopping was at Paradise Beach.

Paradise Beach Drama

Day 2 of our El Nido trip, didn’t really start early.  Two from our group had food poisoning. Well it wasn’t from the food we had during lunch, it was from the seafood pasta they had for dinner. But let’s not waste the day, so the rest of us left for the next leg of the Island Hopping.

My favorite among the islands from this “hoppin-ing” – the Small Lagoon!

That clear water, that view at Small Lagoon

You might be wondering why, well because it was my first time to try “Kayaking” and I really enjoyed it! Felt like I was good at it, such a pro!



And really, how can you not love that view?
such a fantastic view!

Next hop, the Big Lagoon! The boat is supposed to pass by between those rocks but since it was low tide again, we walked again!

Big Lagoon
Big Lagoon

Another lunch island, the Snake Island.  Here you will need to trek for about 5-10 minutes for a top view perspective.  The long sandbar that resembles a snake or S in shape makes it Snake Island but not really because of snakes.

Snake Island
and of course the festive meal

We moved next to Cudugnon Cave.  There’s not much to see on the cave, but it was explained that this cave served as hiding place of the locals from the Japanese invaders.


So we moved on to 7 Commandos Beach, a much needed shake and Halo-Halo stop! Something sweet to conceal our salty lips.


7 Commandos

And last stop, a sunset moment at Ipil Beach


Arjay already left so there were 6 of us left.  Our last day in El Nido was spent at the famous Twin Beach of Nacpan and Calitang.

To understand why it is called a Twin Beach, you would need to trek a bit to reach that stunning view.



And so, we headed back to our hotel as we need to leave for Puerto Princesa that night. But I’m not saying that I’m ticking El Nido off my bucket list, because I will definitely come back if I feel like unwinding.

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