Are You Ready for Canyoneering?

Another early call time added to my list.  3 am at Cebu South Bus Terminal.

We took a bus bound for Bato, and got off at Matutinao, Badian where the famous Kawasan Falls is located.  Travel time was about 2.5 to 3 hours.

All for the sake of the adventure called Canyoneering.

From Shugah’s cam


I was introduced to a group as adventurous as me, okay fine – they’re more adventurous.  Our guides Kuya James and Kuya Marvin of  Kawasan Cebu Canyoneering were awesome. They’re well trained and very caring.  They concentrated on 2 things: our safety and of course for us to have FUN.

Canyoneering? What was it like huh?  Well, as Wikipedia defined this adventure of travelling in canyons by incorporating acitivities like climbing, swimming, walking, jumping and etc.

Pretty easy right?


But here comes reality – It Wasn’t!  It will be a real challenge for the acrophobics and maybe the claustrophobics too.  The consolation though, you need not be a good swimmer, because part of the safety requirement is wearing a life vest.  So yes, you will float anyway.   

The first jump!  It was high, that’s for sure.  During the briefing Kuya Marvin told us that if we’re feeling a bit scared, scream! And then jump. So that’s what I did.

And so, once you reach that cold water – No turning back!

The Canyoneering Adventure began.

Reminder:  Wear something appropriate.

  • Board shorts will do. Make sure not too short please.
  • Sandals with the perfect strap so it wont slip your feet
  • Long sleeve rash guard is recommended to help combat the cold


The view and the turqoise color of the water was really inviting.  I guess, that was the motivation that you can have aside from the “I can do this” positive thinking you have.

from Shugah’s cam

Okay, I have to admit that I can be a “worrier” at times – okay I heard you, “most of the time”.  Like in that sliding moment, I had to ask “My head is not going to hit that rock, right?”, and Kuya Marvin answered me with “Just trust me, It will be fun”. And yes, I can be very trusting too.  True to his words, it was FUN!

Photo from Doi
from Doi’s cam


How can you not love that view!

from Shugah’s cam

There were a lot of adventurous people trying this famous Canyoneering.  But let’s all be responsible travellers.  The beauty of our nature is something we want to share even to our great great grandchildren. Let’s be responsible, let’s keep it clean.

from Shugah’s cam
from Shugah’s cam
from Shugah’s cam


from Shugah’s cam
Photo from Doi
from Shugah’s cam

Wow finally some dry land.

Photo by The Travelling Feet



You might be wondering about the jumps, whether high or not? Or how it was like.

To be fair, some were quite easy. Easy in a sense that you wouldn’t hesitate at all.  As simple as jumping in a swimming pool.


But of course why call it an adventure if there’ll be no challenge to this.  So yes, some were really difficult.

How difficult?

  • High enough to make you hesitate for a 1 min or 2 or 3 minutes
  • High enough that your eyes closes on it’s own
  • High enough that you find it hard to swallow.  Suddenly you have a sore throat
  • High enough to question, why the hell did I sign up for this?

You have to choose one though. To Jump or To Jump?

First Jump the entry level Jump
Canyoneering 7.jpg
Second High Jump
Photo by The Travelling Feet
Canyoneering 2
Third High Jump

The highest jump at Kawasan Falls.  No one from the group braved that one.

from Shugah’s cam


(L to R) Marx, Me, Jona, Brennan, Shugah, Doi, Ar-jay
Everyone was so excited to go back and all with one thing in mind – the festive lunch

It took us about 4 hours to complete the activity.  It can take longer because it depends on how fast you jump.  But this experience was something, I wanted to do again like soonest.  It was challenging from the height to the coldness of the water.  But the excitement was really awesome.

But this may not be for everyone, I mean having that positive “I can do this” attitude is just the first stage to surpass it. But it takes more than that.  But for those aiming to breakfree from their fear of heights, oh yes definitely worth putting Canyoneering as your test.

The cost of the activity is about PHP 1,500 per head.  Inclusive of gears (life vest, helmet); snacks – a bottled water and a cupcake;  Fees: Guide, Entrance, and the “habal-habal” ride; and yes inclusive of lunch.  Not bad at all.







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  1. thelittlelai says:

    I feel you, I was also trembling in fear every time I jump out from the cliff and fall off on the water. Great blog post!

    1. Thanks but I’d really love to do it again – this time no hesitations, no second thoughts. 😁

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