Maldives is the Warmest Blue

“Once upon a time, Air Asia had a secret sale, and a group of 13 people made it to a luxurious get away.  P.S. majority of them were in Premium seats. “

A Christmas gift from a generous friend of mine – a Round trip ticket from Kuala Lumpur to a paradise in the Indian Ocean, Maldives.  I found out the ticket cost less than PHP 1,000 only. To add to that shocking feeling, that was a Premium Seat. This paradise has always been in my imaginary bucket list.  I never thought I’d crossed it out early since I knew I couldn’t afford it that time.

Maldives is a 4.5-hour flight from KL, and the premium seats were really comfortable.


Who wouldn’t love one anyway?  You get to board and leave the plane first, served with water immediately upon getting to your seats, and the hot towel too.  The thick blanket, soft pillow, reclining seats (reclines like a flat bed by the way). The almost 5 hour ride felt like an hour!

In addition, the meal that Air Asia X served was really delicious.  I had Chicken lasagna. Well I love lasagna to begin with so I will surely choose this over rice meals.


Getting excited I guess? Okay.

So, how about a quick peek of Maldives?


So, is that convincing enough?

Finally, we have landed Male International Airport and I had the chance to meet new friends since I only knew 5/13 from our group. They were fantastic people!


And a photo with ex-colleagues.

Photo from Franz Domasian

While waiting at the airport  we decided to step out to take pictures.

This will welcome you:


Come on!

Hello there Maldives!  What a port area you got here!

Everyone was in awe of the beauty of the port area.

How could you Maldives! How could you!



We were still in awe, getting high from the excitement upon seeing that beautiful port, we headed to Male to take a 2-hr ferry ride to Maafushi Island, one of the islands of Kaafu Atoll, where we spent 3 nights of our 6 days paradise vacation.

Photo from Franz Domasian

We were met by a hotel representative at the port of the island which was just a few minutes walk to our hotel.

That kind of beach view while we walk.  Maybe for the locals, just one of their ordinary beaches but it was already beautiful for us.


We finally arrived our hotel, the Arena Beach Hotel & Spa.  The people here were very welcoming.  The facilities?  It was awesome.


The mirrors on their windows and sliding doors were perfect for our mirror shots.


We stayed in one of their Deluxe Double Room with Balcony and Sea View.


I didn’t take much photos of the room, too bad.  But it was really spacious enough for me my always room mate Marx and a special participation of the awesome Robx.  The toilet, I loved their rain shower by the way.

“The Balcony” Photo from Win Shia

No beach bumming done on our first day since we were quite tired from the long flight and the ferry ride.  So after dinner, we all went straight to bed.

By the way, Maldives is 3 hours behind Manila time.

Maldives is an Islamic country.  There are rules that will not exempt anyone.  By right, as a tourist you should do your research on the Dos and Dont’s of where you are going.  But I’d like to share those that I can remember.

  • Alcohol drinks is not something you can purchase anywhere.  You might need to check with the hotel your staying at if they sell a beer or cocktail maybe because that’s the only place where you can have a drink.
  • Of course, PORK is a big NO NO in this country.
  • Showing too much skin in public is also something that they don’t allow.  You can do your sun bathing in bikinis at the resort or at the beach, but in public or anywhere else, you have to be modest.
  • Not too much display of affection in public, do that in your rooms.

So those were pretty basic actually, quite easy to follow.

Maldives Photo by JMVelasco 228.jpg
Last few hours in Maldives

Up to this date, I never thought I’d cross Maldives out of my list that soon.  Before, every time I read an article about top 10 beaches you need to see before you die, almost all of them had Maldives as the top, if not it ranked second from their list; or the ads I see on social media or in a magazine about some romantic beach get away with water bungalows, fine white sand, and the blinding clear blue water.  We live in a country gifted with beautiful beaches but then seeing those ads make you think, ah too much Photoshop! But I tell, what you see is what you’ll get.  Raw or edited no difference.

Considered as “high-end” getaway, it has been known for a romantic honeymoon destination of the rich or the celebrities. In short, not really known for some budget travelling. But as they say a lot of guesthouses are open now in this country which allows anyone to visit the “luxurious” paradise on budget.  Just like us, we didn’t spend all our savings on our 6-day vacation there.  We revised the saying of “the more the merrier” into the “the more the cheaper”.  So yes, with all the activities that we had (I will be posting them soon), overall I spent $500 for this vacation.

Maldives Photo by JMVelasco 144
Photo from Marx

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  1. Bakit ka po naka pants sa beach? 😐

    1. Eh iiwan ako ng room mate kong si marxtermind pag nag micro mini shorts ako eh! Hahaha

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