A One Night Only Affair with Luxurious Maldives

Yes, we gave in for an overnight taste of the luxurious side of Maldives.

A big chunk of our budget goes to this one night only affair. We headed to an expensive resort located somewhere south of Male via a $250 private speedboat transfer. The transfer maybe expensive but the good thing there were 13 of us so that was about $20 each.

from Win Shia’s camera

Fihalhohi Island Resort


We left Maafushi at 10am and arrived the resort at 10am as well.  What? But that was about 40 minutes of transfer?  Yes, timezone at Fihalhohi Island Resort is different from Maldives local time.


But the timezone discussion on whether it was a business strategy or the island’s location on the map suddenly came to an end when the manager announces that we get a buffet lunch for free!


Well, everyone was excited about the announcement but now I think that I was the happiest.  After how many days of eating Maldivian cuisine which I think was overloaded with onions, – which I don’t eat by the way-, simply the idea of western food like pasta, and some fresh veggie salad really made me happy.

Our stay in this resort only covered dinner and a breakfast buffet, so this free lunch was very much appreciated.

The Room and the Crazy Roomates

We were in one of their beach front Comfort Room type




Marx and I didn’t spend much time in our room since both of us like beach bumming.  Robx on the other hand, I believe he grew tired of seeing the ocean already and slept almost the entire time we were in this expensive island.

The Water Bungalow

Well some may call this Overwater bungalow or water villa is one of Maldivian classic that I find really romantic.  We didn’t get the chance to stay there of course, it was really “Over” for our budget and besides we’re no honeymooners.



I agree with Robx that there’s nothing much about these stilt houses except for some photo op, well I guess that is only for now.  I maybe able to entirely share some romantic experience, provided I come back here with a partner, if not then just the experience on a different view point.


from Win Shia’s camera

The Beach

We were down to our last few days in Maldives.  So after some photo-op with these bungalows, the rest of our stay here were spent snorkeling, swimming, beach-ing technically.


The tide was a bit strong as compared to the other beaches that we visited.  Still a beauty but not as beautiful as the one in Picnic Island.

Maldives Underwater Photo by JMVelasco 094.JPG
from Marx camera
from Win Shia’s camera
from Win Shia’s camera

The Drinks

And because we were finally in some private resort the rules were quite tourist friendly.  You can walk around in bikinis and the beers and cocktails were finally present.



In a Nutshell


Our luxurious experience was okay. For me, the food was really the best part of this.  The choices from asian, western, the local food were really a lot and by the way they taste really good. But it wasn’t the kind of experience I was expecting.  The beach may still be beautiful but not something with a ‘wow’ factor.  Nothing you haven’t seen before kind of reaction, a kind that we may have back home probably the likes of Amanpulo.

We know that everything will be expensive but we didn’t expect to pay extra for a wifi access.  Well I guess their market is more of the honeymooners and for them to spend the best quality time ever.  So for us in groups, we were not buying that strategy.





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