Bungy Jump? Take That Plunge!

If I had the loudest scream, will you judge me?  Anyway, how about adding Bungy Jump to your “must try” under the category: Adventure?


I remember making a list of all the things I wish to fulfill before I reach the big 3-0.  One of them was to Bungy Jump but I was able to fulfill it, I was 31 already.

Welcome to Jungle Bungy Jump a thrilling experience that you will enjoy in Phuket, Thailand.  

They do offer different packages, I chose Package D it cost about 3,000 Baht around 4,000 php.  The package includes  1 Bungy Jump, a certificate of courage, DVD movie, digital photos, Jungle Bungy t-shirt, and a freebie: your 2nd Bungy Jump for free.   Not bad right?

It was our last day in Phuket and I wouldnt’t waste this chance to experience this activity. We took a tuk-tuk to take us to Kathu about 15-20 minutes from Patong Beach.  When we reached the entrance of Jungle Bungy, I wasnt’t really sure if I was excited or somehow ready to back-out. But of course, Knowing Zee as they say – I signed up.


After the registration and some signing of waiver, they will need to check your weight.  Those were the days – my chubbiest days, I was at 52 kg.


Next, they will secure the leg harness and once ready you will hop your way to that crane.


There were 2 of them checking everything.  After ensuring your safety the crane slowly goes up.


There will be some interview portion on your way up, that’s part of the DVD movie of your package.  They’ll remind you to just look straight, and look at the view, Don’t look down. But as a human, the tendency is you will look down.  I mean even without you doing it, instantly you will notice yourself checking the height every single time.

And then the crane stops.  The guide asked me to stand and moved at the opening of the crane.  Reminding me of course: “Don’t look down,  look straight enjoy the view”

I was holding really tight from the side rails, then he asked me to let go.  I did let go of my hands but then after 2 seconds I grabbed those rails again.  He told me again to let go and raise my arms on the side.  My voice were shaking when I asked him, “Will you hold my shirt please?”  Then he said yes.


He started to count, followed by a slight push. Then down I go!



When I suddenly came into a position of falling, my eyes automatically closed.  When I opened it, I was almost nearing the water. How about I say, that was one hell of a scream!



To dip your head into the water was optional.  I can clearly remember saying NO, when they asked me.  But somehow, they didn’t take NO for an answer. (I was probably screaming loud that they need to stop me somehow)


That plunge was really memorable. The feeling of falling into the ground or in my experience into that lagoon was really scary.  I only realized that I wasn’t really going to hit the water solidly when the rope pulled me up again.  For a moment I forgot the activity was bungy jumping because it felt like really falling and there’s no way I can stop it.



Then you would realize you’re back high up then fall again.  It was actually about 3 times before slowing you down.

Bungy Jumping is not very glamorous I must say, there’s that feeling of the wind slapping your face as you fall.  My cheeks felt like being pulled or stretched maybe. You can’t really control your body, I felt like I was a jelly -sway, shake here and there.

I felt and still feeling proud of myself for being able to conquer that fear though.  That was 50 metres or 165 ft high. I was really scared that I didn’t take my free 2nd jump.  We were already back at the hotel and my hands were still shaking, my first time to feel an extreme adrenaline rush.

Now as I look back, I want to do it again but with my camera this time. I really want to document everything from a close up view.  But the question is: Will I be that scared to jump again? For certain, that’ll be a Yes.





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