That Thing Called, Spelunking

Cave Connection is one of the activities that you can experience in Sagada.  I learned from a friend that Caving and Spelunking may be both an activity done inside the cave yet differ in a sense that Spelunking is for fun tourist experience while Caving is for professionals who studies and examines the caves.




This activity is not for all.  Just the idea of mixing walking,rapelling, and the fact that you will be spending 4 hours or more in an enclosed space may really cause panic especially to those with Claustrophobia.

Claustrophobia is defined by wikipedia as “the fear of being enclosed in a small space or room room and having no escape.”

I am not claustrophobic but yes I fear having no escape – in life. (The Drama!)


We started early, thinking we have a lot of activities to do that day.  We were all excited.  Our new found friends who happens to share room with us during that trip were excited too.  There were 4 of them but only 2 were brave enough to try it.


It wasn’t an easy activity and it’s a requirement to do the cave connection with a local guide.  It was a peak season, the 4 of us joined a group of about 8 girls and we were accompanied by 2 guides.  We paid 400php each, which I believe was quite expensive to think 1 guide can have a max of 4 tourists to assist.  Anyway, another downfall of traveling during peak season.

Sagada 13

And so, we moved on.  The experience of trying to squeeze yourself into those rocks as smooth as pebbles were quite challenging.  Trying to reach the other end with your feet without seeing what’s down there.  I was really happy to be in good shape as those bending and stretching were not easy to do.

There will be times when you need to pull yourself up in a rope.  There will also be this scene where you need to hug those rocks so as not to fall somewhere you cant really see, quite a challenge though. Surprisingly, I kind of liked it.

climb 2

Climb 3

We were nearing the exit, finally the end part of the cave connection the Sumaguing Cave.  And yes, it was extremely crowded. Those who wanted to do spelunking but not really the cave connection, this Sumaguing Cave is their entry and exit point.

Sagada 27.jpg

So there, we had to wait for our turn to be able to exit the cave.

Sagada 23

Sagada 24

And finally, the light at the end of this darkness!

Sagada 32.jpg

The joy in our faces, the excitement to finally be out and inhaling some fresh air.  You just couldn’t imagine.

Sagada 10.jpg



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