2016 Year End Review

In line with the year end performance review that would somehow be the basis of ones increment and appraisal it’s also the time for re-evaluating ones self and writing down numerous resolutions to fulfill in the coming year.

This is also the best time to reminisce what the ‘just finished’ year has brought into your life.  How much you have learned from it; how much you have grown from the trials you’ve gone through with it; and the list goes on.

Sagada, Mountain Province
Anda, Bohol

2016 served me and my family well.  I had my own share of failures and disappointments –Well I guess everyone does, I had days of lowness and confusion but the generosity 2016 has brought me, surpassed all the downfalls and  the negativity.

Yoga Tree, Chiang Mai Thailand

In addition, the existence of “Realization” was there. Very much present everywhere.  Too persistent and too dominant.  Things that I used to like but no longer fit me, so it must go.  Also, the list goes on.

Dumaguete, Negros Oriental

I am grateful for this year, it has exceeded the forecast I made for  my 2016, I must admit that I do not write resolutions anymore the way I used to when I was younger.  For how many years, I pray with the commitment in my mind and heart.  But I wasn’t blogging back then.

Dumaguete, Negros Oriental

Today, the 1st day of 2017 a commitment to move on I shall make.  Just how  I would wish myself a healthier days ahead, I’ll wish the same for everyone.

May we all be healthy till we make another set of wishes and resolutions in the end of 2017; to have a maximum capacity to embrace change; to be positive even in difficult times; and most of all to have stronger faith in the days to come.

Makati City
Chinatown, Singapore

I shall carry on one important lesson I’ve learned, well I’ve heard that years and years ago but didn’t pay much attention but in 2016, it made sense and showed its importance the hard way, “Gratefulness defeats all forms of negative emotions”, so in 2017 it’s time I put it into action.  I no longer want to compare instead I’m hoping to inspire people and not promote any sort of competition. Spread the love!

Taipei, Taiwan

This video is a quick look back on the adventures I had in 2016.  Thank you for your generosity.

Happy New Year!  Welcome 2017!


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