We Come Hostel

If asked, what can I say about We Come Hostel?

One word that perfectly describes this place: CLEANEST


This hostel, doesn’t really have the “Hostel” feeling, it was more of a “Homey” one.  As the elevator doors opens, wow!  The lighting was perfect – dimmed and relaxing. The Black and White color in wooden flooring makes it really modern.



The dining area where most guests gather every breakfast time makes it really a great place to have a decent conversation with someone from another country.  Everyone enjoying a big breakfast which includes sausages, fish balls, nuggets, scrambled eggs, bread and a selection of Jams and peanut butter, coffee from their lovely espresso machine, juice and tea.  Remember, “Clean as you go.


The cleanliness of the hostel begins the moment you get in, a rule of “No Outside Shoes” allowed inside.  Shoe lockers that somehow look like mailboxes welcomes you as well.  Rubber slippers provided for everyone.  How convenient is that huh?


The 4-Bed Private Room Type

We booked for the 4-Bed private room but it was still occupied during the time we arrived.  So we had to spend a night in an 8-mixed dorm type. We shared it with 1 guy and 3 other girls.

The bed was so comfy, the sheets and blankets were clean and warm, the softness of the pillow was just right.  Individual lockers were spacious enough for your personal belongings.  In addition, upon check out everyone is required to bring their used bed sheets, blanket covers, and pillow cases at the laundry basket outside.


The People

Another high rating for We Come would be their people.  Warm and very hospitable.  We Filipinos are known for being very hospitable and with that we definitely know what Hospitable means.  They were very welcoming, very attentive to the needs of their guests. We wanted so much to have coffee at the highest Starbucks located at Taipei 101, and the arrangement was made by the people at We Come. That made us really excited and happy.


We Come Hostel is situated in a low-rise, modest building in Gangnu street which is in Central Taipei. Walking distance only from the Bus Terminal and MRT stations (Beimen & Taipei Main Station).  In addition, the night markets near this area made it easy for us to enjoy our food tripping in Taipei which made it really enjoyable.


The price is very reasonable with free breakfast.  The rate may vary of course depending on season, and I believe the rates may change on weekends too. But yes, the rates with a powerhouse breakfast, very recommendable.


In a Nutshell

If I am to rate this, I’d give an Overall rating of 8/10. That stands for Highly Recommended!

I love the most the cleanliness of the place, the warmness of the people, and the convenience of the location.  In addition, I love their peanut butter perfect for my toast!


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