When Good Vibes Happened at The Tides

I always love going to the beach but to my surprise, I enjoyed lying in bed during that weekend stay in this gorgeous island, Boracay.

Our morning started with real good vibes brought by The Tides Hotel Boracay.   The excitement you would feel the moment you get in because the contemporary looks of the reception made it more appealing.  How would you describe this hotel?  Putting it into two words: Modern & Cozy


Then here comes the Room. 

The hotel offers two room types – Essential or what they call the Superior room, and where we stayed is called Exceptional or the Premiere type.  It has 2 queen sized beds, a bathroom with a cozy tub, an LCD TV with cable channels, air-conditioning unit, a refrigerator, and a safety deposit box.


The “Shower of Power” The cool labels you’ll find inside the room are really unique.



The relaxation doesn’t end at their rooms, it extends to the hotel’s Surrender Day Spa.  A perfect place to pamper yourself


You can also choose to spend the afternoon or the night at their roof deck chill-out bar, where you can also enjoy their swimming pool! And by the way, I love their Margarita!


Now, let’s talk about food!

The Ka-On Restaurant will not disappoint you.  Common Filipino dish with a Twist!  I tell you they have their own flavour that makes our local food foreign for your tastebuds.


The Tilapia Fillet Ensalada in Shrimp-Hoisin Sauce & Olive Oil Dressing, now that’s my kind of salad.  Highly Recommended! So divine!


We also had their Bagnet Pakbet, Rellenong Alimango, and Laing with Pork Cracklings.



The restaurant also offers Boodle Fun Feast.  That military style of eating.  Starts at 1,800 PHP good for 6 and it is served with Tuna, Squid, Shrimp, Tortang Talong, Salted Egg, Steamed Okra, Chicken and Pork Adobo.  Mouthwatering I must say.



The complimentary breakfast buffet were satisfying as well.  From Bacon to Spanish Sardines, to Cereals and Congee,  – name it! a variety to choose from definitely.



The Tides Hotel Boracay

D’Mall Station 2
Boracay Island, Philippines
Contact Numbers: (036) 2884517
Email: front.office@tidesboracay.com

Sharing our good vibes moments here at the Tides!

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