Universal Studios Singapore


Judging it by MY preference, I did like Disneyland but I love Universal Studios.  Of course, I’m into extreme rides and USS gave way for me to enjoy it.  So i’m more of Transformers than Princesses.

Living in Singapore and having families come every now and then definitely made us a regular in USS.  Come to think of it, Universal Studios Singapore won’t even recognize us if it can only say something, not because of the number of visitors it gets daily but because we came in different sizes in each visit.  Slim-Chubby-Slim-Thin, name it we were all of it.

As noticed, the best time to visit USS is on weekdays.  Take note wait time on weekdays may still be long but imagine what more on weekends. So yes, try weekdays instead.  In addition, to lessen the hassle book your tickets online, you may want to start your day with easy entrance and not queue the long lines of ticket booths outside. Remember, you’re going to line up a lot on that day so save it for the the rest of the day.


Sharing three of the most queued yet a MUST try in Universal Studios Singapore.

Transformers: The Ride

When this opened late in 2011 we heard that wait time was almost like forever.  It was a short ride but really awesome.  I am no fan of watching movies via 3D but rides like this, that 3-dimensional is definitely created for this.  The purpose to project such illusion in 3D films is very much achieved.

On my recent visit to Singapore, we had to queue for about an hour but that was a weekend.

Battlestar Galactica

Like I said, extreme rides is my kind of amusement.  Galactica did not disappoint me. I can still recall how excited I was on my first visit.  My housemates told me that this ride just opened.  On that visit alone we took this ride 4 times alternating Human and Cylon.  I though I was brave because on previous roller coasters I can keep my eyes open the entire ride, with Galactica even without my intention it closes on its own.

To compare the 2, Human is way easier to take than Cylon.  The latter takes a lot of  twisting and inversions while the former was more of “falling” kind of feeling which means more of dip instead of twist.  I know that there are more extreme roller coaster but for someone who only tried those typical type where speed is on acceleration. Then suddenly trying one that starts immediately on a high speed. So fun!

Revenge of the Mummy

This one an enclosed roller coaster.  A good preparation since it’s beside the Battlestar Galactica. Vocalizing starts here.  This ride goes somehow with a story, it stops at some point as a Imhotep appears then some mummies too which is good as it will allow you to swallow and at least adjust yourself in your seat.

Now, let me take you to my favorite show.

Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg

This allows you to witness how a certain scene believable in big screen can happen in a certain special effects sound stage empty and not really big.  You will experience a scene where a hurricane destroys everything.  Effects of strong wind, thunder, rain, fire in that sound stage. Then the scene ended clearing everything for another take. Amazing!

There’s more to Universal Studios Singapore than the rides I’ve mentioned.  Just like the Sesame Street Spaghetti, The Lost World, Madagascar, and the 4-D Adventure of Shrek.  Also, if you need to take time to rest there are a lot of great spots for some Instagram worthy photos.

It has been a habit for us to always have Bak Kuh Teh at the end of our USS day.  Since Food Republic is just there when you exit the Sentosa Tram.

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