Singapore and my Taste Buds


Believe it or not, Food is cheap in the city known the be “the most expensive in the world”. I should know, I lived there. I often get the question from people I know visiting the city, “Where can we eat in Singapore that won’t cut us out of our budget?” I have two words for you “Hawker Centre”.

Hawker Centre

No need to worry, hawkers are found almost anywhere in Singapore. Some are even walking distance from an HDB. What is an HDB huh? An abbreviation for Housing Development Board, flats which rent is cheaper than a Condo. We used to rent one HDB flat, and I have 6 housemates, our flat was big enough to house a party.

There are several recommended Hawker Centres a tourist must try, but I didn’t really get to try all the 5 Best Hawker Centres named by

But of course, why wouldn’t you as a tourist right? I mean, hawker centre isn’t about Chicken Rice alone, there are a lot to choose from. Variation from Western Food, to Indian Food, to Malay food, Noodles, Fish Soup, Laksa, Mixed Vegetables and etc.

But you may also try Kopitiam, Food Republic, or Food Junction. Prices are still reasonable and not to mention most often they are located inside the malls.


One of the things I miss in Singapore, is the food. A Chicken Rice meal may cost around 3.50 SGD or in Philippine Peso that is about P132. My all time favorite YangZhou fried rice with egg last time cost about 4.00 SGD about P151 PHP. It may sound expensive but that fried rice is already good for 2. Now it could range from 4-10 SGD depending on how much you can consume. I am no fan of the fast food chains, McDonald’s may have a certain burger to cater the local taste, but two things I dislike about them – no rice meals & quite expensive. A meal may range from 6-11 SGD. But to be fair, the regular fries and regular coke included in the meal is the same as the large size in the Philippines.

But now, let’s talk favorites. Yes, I play favorites.

My day usually starts with a bee-hon breakfast with 1 luncheon meat, chili and the green chili. We would often walk to this hawker centre near our workplace, Chai Chee 29 Food House or sometimes those who come in early would go and buy for us so when you arrive at your work station the bee-hon wrapped in brown paper was already there waiting for you.

Bah Kut Teh, this spare ribs soup is a winner. his dish is perfect with rice and the salted vegetables, and not to mention the free refill of soup. I always eat this dish either at Song Fa Bak Kut Teh or at Balestier Bak Kut Teh at Food Republic Vivo city mall.

Ikan Penyet an Indonesian dish that I got to try and like in Singapore. What makes the dish special for me is the Sambal. I do love spicy food, but my tolerance isn’t the same as my Singaporean friends. But it definitely gives the dish a twist, just the way I wanted it.

Hokkien Mee did not originate in Singapore as well but very popular hawker food in that country and in Malaysia too. You can choose for it to be dry or wet. Make sure to add chili.  Without it, the taste is a little bit flat for me so adding the chili makes a big difference.

But don’t leave without ever trying to dine at Chinatown Food Street & Makasuntra Gluttons Bay, yes it may not be a cheap place to have dinner but they will definitely offer you mostly the must try in Singapore.  Make sure to try Cereal Prawns, Crispy Baby Squid, Sambal Stingray, Sambal Kangkong, Chili Crab, Oyster Omelet, Bbq Chicken Wings, Nasi Goreng, Mee Goreng, Salted Egg Chicken. Enumerating the food just made me want to visit my second home, – to eat.



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