Self-Love, Are We There Yet?

Self-love huh? What about it? The defined it as the instinct by which one’s actions are directed to the promotion of one’s own welfare or well-being, especially an excessive regard for one’s own advantage.”

My take on the importance of loving oneself – it is essential. I have to admit, self-love is something I forget or sometimes I take for granted. So now, I make it a priority to care about what will make me happy and what I think or how I see myself. But I have to keep it balance for it can go wrong, because when you love yourself too much you become hesitant to show care and love for others. – That, I see as selfish, so don’t go there.


Every time, I feel very disapproving of myself, my go-to medicine, is Yoga. I know that I should start committing myself on doing this as a regular practice – and believe me I am trying. Yoga never fails me when I needed to feel confident again about myself. So recently I dedicated myself to a 30-day practice, and it gave me again the self-balance I was aiming to achieve.


I am not an expert to this, some of the terms being used seriously, I don’t understand fully. But one thing I am sure of, in every practice – it gives me a sense of value, the comfort I needed, and the appreciation I have for my body. I become less judgemental of myself which I think is the most important.

For me, trusting myself is the meat and potatoes of self-love. When I fully have that trust, I would ignore the negative things they say about me because I am being me & I am confident of who I am. At times, I would noticed being slightly back to the kind of self I hated, the mean part – old habits die hard! – Yet, a version of me who no longer wish to please others can be quite evident. Don’t get me wrong, as my intention here is not to take the approval of others to be more imperative than mine.


In addition, Yoga makes my body stronger, it allows me to be patient with myself. This is a practice, which means you get better as you perform each pose. I wasn’t that flexible at first, I wasn’t strong and it took me months to finally do Chatarunga Dandasana pose. And up to this date, it is still not perfectly done, but I have improved a lot. My hamstrings are still tight, I have been doing downward facing dog every time I do Yoga but I can’t flatten my feet on my mat. But this I know, patience & dedication to the practice will get me to that.

I speak for my experience. When I practice Yoga on a daily basis:

  • I noticed how it affects my mood – significantly in a best way.
  • I have more energy
  • I feel happier everyday
  • I am less judgemental
  • I am mindful of what I eat
  • I drink more water
  • I manage my time wisely
  • I sleep well, and early too
  • I read more and less on social media
  • I wake up early

With all these positive change Yoga offers me, at times I want to slap myself for not doing it constantly. Why I would need to feel bad about myself first before I start doing it again?

So here comes the ultimate question – Do I recommend Yoga? I sure do. But not everything that is recommended is suitable for all. Some find the strenuous exercises to be their stress reliever, some may find happiness with dancing, while other’s like me find blissfulness with Yoga. It is definitely worth giving a try. With the noise we get around us plus the noise inside our heads, give yourself at least 15 minutes in a day to breathe, stretch, to slow down and quiet your mind. It will bring back your composure I can say this since I am always rushing. I often see in movies how they would tell their panic mode friends to “breathe”, and I never knew how satisfying that slow breathing practice can be until I get to do it myself, thanks to Yoga. It definitely works.

So Self-love, Are we there yet? Yes, I can say Yoga got me there. Give it a try, who knows it might do wonders for you as well.

Sharing now those I follow, with youtube channels as well for daily practice. I hope this will help you love your self the way it did to me. #spreadthelove #loveyourself

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